Sunday, August 27, 2006

Roses and Faeries!

I'm so excited! You might wonder why I titled this post Roses and Faeries...well, it was for a really good reason. My editor Amy Herald and the editor of the Black Rose Line, Robbi Hess were interviewed over at The Wild Rose Press, and Twilight's Kiss is mentioned in the go and check it out!

Plus, we all know how much faeries love gardens, roses and any other kind of flower. :)

Here's the link:

  • Interview

  • A big thanks goes out to my editor Amy Herald, and to Robbi Hess, editor of The Black Rose Line.

    If anyone that's reading my blog has submissions that would fit any of the lines at The Wild Rose Press...don't be shy...get those submissions in!

    I'll also be at The Romance Studio tonight at 9 pm EST...The Wild Rose Press is having a chat there!


    Louisa Edwards said...

    Marly, how cool! That little mention made me really excited to read your book. Pretty much the definition of a good plug...

    Anonymous said...

    Marly, I know I've said this before... but I'm so excited for you and I can't wait to read Twilight's Kiss!


    Lora said...

    It was a great interview, and I'm sure you WERE thrilled to get that great mention!! Twilight's Kiss sounds very intriguing :)

    MarlyMathews said...


    Thanks so much for reading the interview...I'm excited that you're excited to read Twilight's Kiss...I hope you'll love reading it just as much as I loved writing it. :)


    You're so supportive...thanks for stopping by the blog...I can't wait for you to read Twilight's Kiss, either! :)


    I was very thrilled to get that great mention. All of the editors I've come in contact with at TWRP are so sweet and supportive. Working with Amy was a dream come true! I'm happy that you were intrigued by Twilight's Kiss. :)

    Stacy Dawn said...

    Your upcoming book sounds so good Marly! Can't wait.

    MarlyMathews said...

    Thanks, Stacy!