Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Release Date for Twilight's Kiss!

(Blowing Horn) I have a release date for Twilight's Kiss! It will be released in digital format at The Wild Rose Press on February 16, 2007. Tentative release month for the print version will be in April. :) So mark your calanders, everyone!


Here's the blurb for Twilight's Kiss!

Twilight's Kiss
A Faery Rose novel

Born of Fey Royalty, Princess Bridget Sinclair is a romance novelist by day. By night, she’s known as A Huntress of Hell.

Sean Sutherland is a man doomed for eternity. His inner turmoil eats away at him every day. Living the life of a vampire certainly does not sit well for him. Yet, his salvation looms on the horizon, as long as his savior does not slay him instead of freeing him from his curse. His salvation comes in the form of Bridget Sinclair.

Bridget’s faerie magic and light will bring the dawn back into Sean’s world, banishing the dark and restoring his soul.



Ellen said...

Yay, Marly! I might wait for the print version -- I usually print the downloads off anyway. Does this mean you'll be a featured author in tonight's chat? :)

Which reminds me! I finally read "The Promise" and really enjoyed it. :) I've also printed off "I'll be Yours", but still need to carve out some time to read it (as you can see, I'm behind).


Marly Mathews said...

Oh, thanks so much, Ellen! If you want to wait for the print version...that's great. :) And, I think last night's chat went rather well...

I'm really happy that you enjoyed The's great to get such sweet feedback.

I hope you enjoy I'll Be Yours! :) When you get time to read're one busy lady!