Saturday, December 30, 2006

I'll Be Yours!!!

I'm so happy to have my cover for my Historical Romance, I'll Be Yours, coming soon from New Concepts Publishing!

Here's the blurb,

How far would you go to reclaim a love that does not remember you?

Mallory St. Martin will go to the ends of the Earth and beyond. He's a penniless English Duke, turned daring pirate. His exploits are revered throughout the High Seas, and yet, he'd trade everything for one loving embrace with the woman of his heart. Fearing that he will lose his ancestral legacy, he kidnaps Miss Elizabeth Caulfield. She is the woman of his heart, and she's also the richest heiress in all of Christendom.

He seeks only two things, to kidnap her and steal her heart. But to do so, he must ruin her reputation so that she will be forced to marry her or suffer social shame. By marrying Elizabeth, he will gain his true hearts desire, and gain the money in her bank accounts.

Unfortunately, Mallory has met his equal match in Elizabeth. She has molten fire coursing through her veins, and she will not be manipulated. At every turn, she gives him a run for his money, and slowly starts to lose her heart to the sea thief. Elizabeth is a skilled gambler, and Mallory is a skilled seducer.

Neither one will admit defeat. But in this game called love, which will emerge the victor?

Will Elizabeth discover that there is a greater love than that for money, or will her house of cards come tumbling down around her? With Mallory by her side, she'll find out that one true man has the power to sweep her away into a world that dreams are made of.



Ellen said...

Awesome cover, Marly! The blurb sounds great too -- I like that she plays cards. LOL.

MarlyMathews said...

Thanks, Ellen! :)

Lee Morrison said...

Happy New Year Marly!


Vivienne said...

Wow, Marly! That sounds wonderful! Congratulations! I can't wait 'til it's out. Happy New Year!

MarlyMathews said...

Thanks, Lee! Great to see your face again! :)


MarlyMathews said...

Thanks, Vivienne! I can't wait till it's out either...:)


Marty said...

Sounds great--lovely cover! Sounds like 2007 is off to a good start!

MarlyMathews said...

Thanks, Marty...and actually, so far 2007 does seem to be off to a good start!