Thursday, December 14, 2006

Website Makeover!!!

My website has been redesigned by Glass Slipper Web Designs! I'm so pleased and excited about the new look! I love it!!! I can't wait to hear what you, the readers of my blog think...please check it out! Feel free to drop me an email!

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    Scarlett Sanderson said...

    Marly, it looks amazing! I'm very impressed! I was considering getting a professional site. Right now I'm muddling through HTML myself.

    Once again, it's perfect!

    Ellen said...

    I love it, Marly! The look and art is, of course, beautiful :) and suits your personality and stories perfectly.

    The different links are cool and it all looks professional too.

    It's great!

    Anonymous said...

    What a beautiful site, Marly! It's perfect.

    MarlyMathews said...

    Thanks, Scarlett! :) I'm glad you liked it. If you do decide to get a professional site...I highly recommend Glass Slipper WebDesigns. :)


    MarlyMathews said...

    Thanks, Ellen! You're so sweet...I'm glad you think it fits me...I thought the same thing when I first saw it. :)

    Good to know it looks professional and you liked the links! Thanks for the feedback and for taking the time to browse my site!


    MarlyMathews said...

    CarolAnn, Thanks so much for looking at my site! :) You and I think alike, as I think it's perfect, too!


    Kristen said...

    Smashing good look, Marly!

    I liked the sneak peek you gave me last week.

    Bravo on the new look.

    MarlyMathews said...

    Thanks, Kristen! :)