Thursday, May 29, 2008

New review for The Witch and the Wolf from The Long and Short of It!

I personally really enjoy historical fiction and this story pleased me. It takes place during the French Revolution and thereafter. The writing is such that I felt transported right into events and felt the fear and passion that was prevalent then. Transportation by horse and carriage, elegant clothes worn by elegant ladies, fawning gentlemen, the constant intrigues that were carried on behind the royal scene can all be enjoyed by the reader. The language and speech patterns here and there tends to resemble modern day language but on the whole language is authentic as well. I enjoyed the reminder of what had been taking place in the courts of England and France as they struggled with their hatred of each other.

The romance that Arabella De Maurier and Christopher Wyndham tried so hard to deny accelerates through the story building to a delicious crescendo at the end as true love prevails. Christopher refuses to give up on his love as Arabella twists and turns looking for a way to solve her problems. As hard as he tries Wyndham cannot stop loving her. It makes you wish for a man just like him for yourself.

I eagerly followed the ups and downs of the love the two main characters have for each other. Their relationship is stormy, but so touching in places it's sure to bring a smile to your face as it did mine. You'll want to pay close attention while you read so you don’t miss any of the juicy parts. It makes for a very fascinating time. There are many other threads of people’s lives and events woven throughout the main love story that also make it interesting to follow. All that passion and action and history woven together makes this a book you really should read!
~Verbena, Reviewer at The Long and Short of It!

You can read the review at The Long and Short of It by following this link,
Thank you so much for reviewing The Witch and the Wolf, Verbena!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Those Raven Nights!

PhotobucketThose Raven Nights!
Raven Radio, as mentioned in Romantic Times Magazine, is moving to nights! Tune in every Wed at 11-12 PM EST and join Authors Michelle Pillow and Mandy Roth as they talk about everything, nothing and the paranormal. Guests include NY Times and USA Today Bestselling authors as well as those wonderfully talented authors soon to be there, editors, paranormal tour guides, psychics, ghost hunters, specialists and more! or

Listeners are welcome to join the live chat or call in to the show to talk to us and our guests. The show will move to its new evening schedule, May 28th where listeners can catch us every Wednesday at 11PM to 12AM EST. We have a lot of authors on the upcoming line up and you can see a full schedule of guests here:
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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Three New Contracts!

Big news for me! NCP has offered me three new contracts! Woo-Hoo! The contracts were offered on the sequel to I'll Be Yours, His Lady's Keeper, my futuristic paranormal fantasy, Psychic Chains, and my futuristic paranormal fantasy, Rogue Fairy book one in my new Exiles of Magic Series!

More information, coming soon! Remember, you can subscribe to my newsletter author group, so you'll be the first to know of any new information concerning my books!
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    Sunday, May 18, 2008

    My New Website!!!

    Happy Victoria Day Weekend to the Canadians reading my blog! Photobucket

    I'm excited to announce that I have a new website, designed by the ultra talented Rae Monet! I'm so happy with this website it's definitely a dream come true! Here's the link to my site!
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  • ~Marly

    Friday, May 16, 2008

    Happy Friday!

    This looks so good! I can't wait to see it! Jack is back!


    Tuesday, May 13, 2008


     I have received a lovely review from a reader, who loved The Long Thin Veil. The review was posted at The Wild Rose Press.

    Here it is, with permission to post from the reviewer, Catherine,
    5 Stars
    Admittedly, I do not read many stories of Faeries and veiled worlds where Leperchans and Nymphs come to life. This well crafted tale not only kept my interest but has me looking for more in a genre I've ignored. I look forward to more of Ms. Mathews stories.
    Date Added: 05/11/2008 by Catherine Kimmer

    Thank you so much, Catherine! I'm so happy you enjoyed it and that I opened your eyes to a new sub-genre! Yay! 


    Monday, May 12, 2008

    Chatting Tonight with Gail Barrett at RWA Online!

    Join us tonight starting at 9PM EST and ending at 10PM EST as we chat with Harlequin author, Gail Barrett. She'll be chatting about her latest release, Heart of a Thief! She'll be offering a signed copy of Heart of a Thief, so don't miss out!
    Follow the link below to reach our chat room! We'll see you there! 
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    Sunday, May 11, 2008

    Happy Mothers Day!

    Happy Mothers day to all of you moms reading my blog!


    Friday, May 09, 2008

    Author Interview at Chicks of Characterization Blog!

    PhotobucketCheck it out! I've been interviewed by Andrea from Chicks of Characterization. Click the link below to go and read the interview! Don't forget to leave a comment so you'll be entered into a contest to win your choice of one of my available ebooks!

  • Author Interview!

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    Thursday, May 08, 2008

    New Cover for The Long Thin Veil!

    Oh, yeah! Here's the new cover for my October 2006 release with The Wild Rose Press, The Long Thin Veil. :) I think it's a definite improvement from the previous one though that one was nice as well. Now, I have to get it updated on all of my sites! I'll include the blurb and buy link with it as well!


    It is the night of All Hallow's Eve, in Scotland. Come nightfall, The Long Thin Veil between realms will slip away, unleashing the full magical power of Samhain. The spirits of the dead, faeries, elves and other otherworldly spirits will visit the human realm, and in return the humans may visit their realms. However, All Hallow's Eve comes with a price. While the spirits of the light are given access to our world, the spirits of darkness can also cross into our realm. Megan Rose MacLeod is a witch. She is the protector of her village in her family of witches, she is known as the 'chosen one'. Her time of reckoning is near, for she has made a bargain with a powerful man, Tiernan Fairlove, a man accustomed to getting what he wants. And, he wants Megan. Now, he must convince her that they are a match made in heaven, destined to be together for eternity. Blessings and danger abounds on All Hallow's Eve, in the end, their love might be the only thing that survives to see a new day.
    Click to buy!
  • The Long Thin Veil
  • Tuesday, May 06, 2008

    Review for Doorway to the Stars from Kasey's View!

    Here's what Kasey at Kasey's View had to say about Doorway to the Stars, I'll include the link to the full review at the bottom of this post.

    I found Doorway To The Stars to be a fascinating and thought provoking story that will linger in your mind long after the story is finished. In fact I think that this story could probably use a sequel! The characters are extremely likable, the world building is very interesting, and the chemistry between the two main characters, Aries and Freya is scorching hot... 4 Stars! 
    -Kasey, Kasey's View

  • Doorway to the Stars review!

  • Thank you so much, Kasey!


    Monday, May 05, 2008

    Reviews for Twilight's Kiss and The Promise!!!

    Hey All, 
    I have two new reviews for two different stories! The first review is for Twilight's Kiss my full length paranormal fantasy published with The Wild Rose Press. The second review is for The Promise my short paranormal Christmas Romance published with The Wild Rose Press! Kathy from Kathy's Review Corner read and reviewed both stories! 
    Below is a snippet of the review for Twilight's Kiss! Thank you so much, Kathy! 

    Twilight's Kiss was a paranormal story with so many elements - vampires, a curse, fairies and even elves. There is a large cast of characters that were fully developed, and that I worried about as the battle loomed. I adored the interaction between Sean and his several times removed niece Grace. She definitely kept him on his toes, and he adored her. The slow build up of the romance between Bridget and Sean was believable, especially considering Bridget thought all vampires should be destroyed, and Sean was uncertain whether Bridget was the answer to the prophecy. There were times that it felt as if the story jumped, and the ending does leave a couple unresolved storylines. Overall, I adored Twilight's Kiss and eagerly await what I hope will be a sequel or two.

    Kathy Andrico -

    Below is a snippet of the review for The Promise!

    The Promise was a sweet romance of two people fighting the inexplicable forces that was drawing them together. Neither trusts the other, and both were resolved in finding out the truth of what was happening. As I'm learning to expect and enjoy from Ms Mathews, there was an extensive set of secondary characters that fully participated in the story. There were a couple decisions and assumptions made in the story that were abrupt, but overall, I can see definite promise for a successful future for this author.

    Kathy Andrico -

    Saturday, May 03, 2008

    Contest on my yahoo author group...

    Hey All,

    I'm running a contest until the 17th of May on my yahoo author loop for a free download of Twilight's Kiss. If you'd like to enter the contest, you'll need to join the group.

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    Thursday, May 01, 2008



    Happy Beltane! I'm happy to see the arrival of May, though I do like April as well. May is my birth month so it's always held a special place in my heart.