Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Book Video for Dark Phoenix by Marly Mathews

I have made a book video for Dark Phoenix! Check it out and enjoy!

Friday, March 06, 2009


Hey Everyone!
I'm very excited to announce the release of DARK PHOENIX over at New Concepts Publishing! DARK PHOENIX is a futuristic fantasy romance! You'll find the cover, blurb and buy link in the post below!
Thank you!
In shackles and destined for the intergalactic slave market, Alora Bishop is rescued by Immortal Garrett Firestorm, a Crimson Phoenix. An unbreakable bond—a psychic chain—if forged between them, but Alora has secrets that could mean their destruction.
Born with the magical soul of a Crimson Phoenix, Garrett Firestorm is a beacon of light in a dark universe. As an Immortal from the Hidden Realms of Magic, he and his starship fleet of freedom fighters roam the known galaxies fighting evil.

When he finds Alora Bishop in shackles and destined for the intergalactic slave trade market, he rescues her and brings her into his confidence, knowing that an unbreakable bond—a psychic chain for his kind, has been forged between the two of them, he sets out to win her heart. But Alora is a woman with a mysterious past, and the secrets hidden just might be their saving grace—or their total destruction.