Sunday, September 28, 2008

His Lady's Keeper Cover!!!!

I received the cover for His Lady's Keeper on Thursday night. I was very pleased with it. Thank you again, Alex DeShanks!!!

His Lady's Keeper by Marly Mathews
Historical Romantic Suspense
Sequel to I'll Be Yours
Coming January, 2009 from New Concepts Publishing
Lady Gemma St. Martin rebelled at the thought of having a keeper to guard her every move, but when she met her keeper, the charming Highlander Hart MacKinnon, her rebellion turned to surrender.

Independent and free spirited, Gemma St. Martin wanted to dictate her fate in life. Of course, it’s hard to be an independent minded woman when your brother thinks he can direct the course of your destiny. When Gemma sets her sight on what she thinks is an ideal husband, Mallory St. Martin intervenes and hires her a keeper.

The keeper is the mysterious Highlander, Hart MacKinnon. Hart loses his heart to Lady Gemma the first time he sets eyes on her, and quickly decides to make her his. Gemma doesn’t need much convincing for the rakishly charming highlander already tempts her. Yet, a secret that connects both of their families might just break the tenuous bond forged between Hart and Gemma. Will true love see them through?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

RR@H Reviews gives Do Or Die Top Pick Rose!!!

Below is just a portion of what Susan Barton at Romance Reader at Heart had to say about Do Or Die. I've included the link to the full review at the end of this post. I was so thrilled to get the first review for Do Or Die and it made it even sweeter when I found out that Susan had given it a top pick rose rating. Thank you so much, Susan!!! I can't say how much it means to me to see someone who felt the story the way I'd intended for the reader to feel it.
Thanks again!
Have a great weekend everyone!
Mathews creates a great Bogey and Bacall romance for Shylah and Grayson, who despite their seeming ability to do anything and get anywhere at the drop of a hat—she hates how cramped up she gets in her hover car during the 10 minutes it takes to get from a friend's pub in Ireland to her family's mansion in Vermont—they are deathly afraid that the other person will realize how unworthy they are of their love and break off their relationship. They are both so dedicated to the other, but so insecure at the same time. The one thing that makes for an interesting adventure is that several of the characters are not who they are supposed to be. There are impersonators, of both specific people as well as people just trying to hide their identities. And in order to accomplish several things, Grayson needs to inhabit other people's bodies. At one point, I felt like I'd get whiplash looking from character to character, trying to untangle who everybody really was. Many of the secondary characters and their situations are even funnier than those of Grayson (who sounds very British to me) and Shylah, who kicks ass first and asks questions later if she feels like it.

DO OR DIE is a terrific mélange of mystery, intrigue, romance, and betrayal all set in the future which enables people to be anything the author can contrive. Readers who enjoy a little chocolate with their peanut butter—Sci-Fi with romance—will find this couple endearing and cheer them on throughout their exploits.

Susan Barton

Read the FULL review here:

Friday, September 26, 2008

Blogging Today at RR@H Novel Thoughts and Book Talk!!!

Hey Everyone,

I'm blogging over at RR@H Novel Thoughts and Book Talk. Drop by and leave me a comment. When you leave a comment you are automatically entered into a contest to win one of my books, winner's choice!!!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Book Trailer for Enchanted Beauty by Marly Mathews

Below is the trailer I created for my fantasy romance novel, Enchanted Beauty! If you have a few minutes, please watch it, and feel free to leave a comment here for me!
The trailer came together like a dream, though I had to hunt for a while to get the perfect pictures. :)


Or view it on Veoh. You'll have to click right onto the video to go to my page on Veoh, that way the video won't be cropped. For some reason my blog setting are cropping the dimensions of the Veoh video.

Online Videos by

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

SRR Review of Enchanted Beauty!!!

Lily at Simply Romance Reviews has reviewed Enchanted Beauty and gave it an outstanding read rating!!! Thank you so much, Lily, I'm so pleased that you loved Enchanted Beauty. I loved writing it as I didn't want to leave the magical kingdom of Thaliana, and it warms my heart to hear that readers and reviewers are having a hard time letting go as well!!!
Here's a bit of what Lily had to say,
This book is a great read. Ms. Mathews has written a story with a historic feel and smoothly flowing fast-paced yet modern dialog. All her characters are well defined with depth of personality, even the magic mirror! They are intelligent, fierce and brave. Ms. Mathews' writing is not overly descriptive about less important things like furniture and scenery but instead gives us a great story with multi-dimensional characters. The book has great twists that kept me wanting to read more and I found myself staying up late into the night to finish. This is a fabulous adult fairytale with plenty of action, romance and of course, the happy ending. Watching Annabelle and Malachi fall in love in Enchanted Beauty is a wonderful journey and makes me look forward to reading more of Ms. Mathews books.

Here's the link to the full review!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Five Heart Review for Enchanted Beauty at TRS!!!

And the great reviews for Enchanted Beauty keep rolling in. I'm so happy that this story has struck a chord with readers and reviewers! It was a great deal of fun to write as I've always loved the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, and twisting it to put my own stamp on it in Enchanted Beauty was a great writing experience!!!

Here's what Margo at The Romance Studio had to say about Enchanted Beauty,
I have always love reading as a child the story of Beauty and the Beast. In Enchanted Beauty, Ms. Mathews introduces us to Annabelle, a brave, and compassionate woman, who struggled with the knowledge that she could die if no cure was found for the spell that had injured her, causing blindness and a the hastening of her last days on earth. Filled with betrayal and unending action, you will find Enchanted Beauty to be one of Ms. Mathews' truly loving stories to remember.

You can read the full FIVE Heart review by following this link,

Thank you so much, Margo!!!
I'm working on the book trailer for Enchanted Beauty right now, so wish me luck in getting it done over the next day or so. I'm also in deep writing mode, so I'm breaking up my time between two projects. Yes, I'm the multi tasking Queen!!!

Have a great Monday, everyone!!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

First Review for Dragon's Heart!!

Hey Everyone!
Last week I received the first review for my fantasy paranormal romance, Dragon's Heart!
Here's a little bit of what Cherokee at Coffee Time Romance had to say about Dragon's Heart! Thank you so much, Cherokee!!

Dragon's Heart is a delightful tale. The banter between Grania and Dylan is sharp, to the point, and carries some cute perks with it. Often times it moved at a great pace, like a tennis match. I fell headlong in love with the sparks of the players, and the developments between them and the secondary characters. The intense battles are life-like, creating an entertaining read, hard to let go in this surreal drama. Marly Mathews is a dynamic author who sketches fantasy and romance brilliantly with a read I found utterly pleasurable.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

You can read the full review by following this link,

Friday, September 12, 2008

Do Or Die has been relased!!!!

Photobucket Do Or Die has been released!!! Woo-Hoo! Yeah! You can buy Do Or Die by following this link!!

It's a rainy gloomy day here in my little corner of Ontario, Canada, but the weather perfectly fits Do Or Die. This book is one of my darker toned stories, and I hope you all will enjoy reading this fast paced Futuristic Paranormal Romance!

For those of you reading this blog that reside in the affected areas of Texas, take care and stay safe!!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Two More Days Until Do Or Die Releases!!!

PhotobucketHey Everyone!
I'm excited to announce that Do Or Die will be available in ebook format from The Wild Rose Press in just two days!!! I had such a blast writing Do Or Die as it is non stop action from beginning to end. If you like adventure stories with a big dash of romance this one will cater to your tastes. It's also a futuristic so if you're a fan of Sci-Fi Do Or Die will also be right up your alley. I hope it appeals to a wide range of readers for various reasons. 

If you recognize the heroine's name, Shylah, you might be remembering it from reading my author bio. Our one Yorkshire Terrier was named for the Shylah in Do or Die, and I think her spunky tenacious attitude mirrors the Shylah McKay in Do Or Die to a pretty perfect 'T'. 

Do Or Die will be available in Paperback on October 10, 2008 from Amazon and B&N!!!! The awesome cover was designed by Rae Monet! Thank you again, Rae!
Here's the blurb:
Do Or Die By Marly Mathews
Futuristic Paranormal Romance  
The world has changed. Ten years ago, Earth nearly crumbled beneath the might of an intergalactic War. Their Enemy fought them with their destructive psychokinetic powers. Only a band of extraordinary humans stood in their path. They were known as the Gemini Order. Led by Shylah McKay, they saved Earth from ruination.

Now, Shylah McKay and her kind are being persecuted for the very talents that saved Earth. But Shylah's a mover and a shaker, and with her lover Grayson by her side, she'll go to the ends of the Earth and beyond to fight for her people.

Here's an excerpt from Do Or Die to give you a sneak peek!

Grayson stared at the woman. Didn’t she know
who he was? What he was?
The woman intrigued him. Sparks had flown
between them. She was definitely special—she
looked at him as if he were her savior.
He had to help her. He knew that in an instant.
His eyes locked on hers again. He was in love.
One look—that was it. He glanced at the insignia on
her yellow uniform. She was part of the much-
revered Gemini Order. She had to be one hell of a
powerful woman.
He knelt beside her. For some reason he could
touch her...he didn’t understand that. They had to
be bonded in some way. It could only be a
supernatural bond.
“I’m going to touch you again, Captain.”
“Call me, Shylah. Just, Shylah.”
His heartbeat quickened. Her voice was heaven.
Willing all of his energy to him, he leaned down and
gathered her in his arms. He stood up, cradling her
against his chest.
“Shylah.” Her name rolled off his tongue like
music. His voice was a caress and she relaxed.
“Take me, here.” She pressed her hand against
his chest, and a sudden image entered his mind.
She was a telepath.
He’d known the members of The Gemini Order
were skilled, but not all were telepaths.
He nodded his head. “Your wish is my
command.” He took to the sky. It was a miracle he
had found her. She could be his salvation.
“I feel as if we’ve met before.” She tilted her
head toward him, and he drank in the beauty of her
stunning eyes. They seemed to engulf her entire
face. “You feel familiar.” He sighed. He would never
get enough of listening to her voice.

Available September 12, 2008 from The Wild Rose Press!


Friday, September 05, 2008

The Long and Short of It Reviews Enchanted Beauty!!!

Another review has been posted for Enchanted Beauty! Orange Blossom at The Long and Short of It, had this to say about Enchanted Beauty,
If you’re looking for well-written, romantic fantasy fiction, then this is definitely the story for you. Enchanted Beauty is a retelling of the classic Beauty and the Beast story and with it Marly Matthews has created a fun-filled, touching and romantic tale.
I absolutely loved this book from beginning to end. The writing is top notch, all the characters are wonderfully drawn and the magical world is both entertaining and intriguing. Annabelle and Malachi are wonderful leads—you feel for them, you support their efforts and in the end you want them to succeed in their deeds and be happy. Adding to the enjoyable effect of this book are all the supporting characters which brought the story to life. Each and every one was well-rounded and—even in a magical story as this—felt real.

The world building involved in creating the magical realm of this book was also well done which is important in a fantasy story as this. It came across as thorough and logical. And at the end, all the loose ends were tied up, making it a satisfying and worthy read. I hope to hear about other stories in and around the Enchanted Kingdom of Thaliana from Ms. Matthews. That is a journey I would most definitely like to take once again.

Link to full review,

Needless to say, I was very pleased with this review! Thank you so much, Orange Blossom!


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Twilight's Kiss up for favorite Five Heart Sweetheart at TRS!!!

Twilight's Kiss is up for favorite Five Heart Sweetheart from last week!!!! I"m absolutely delighted to be in such good company!!! If you have a chance and you're so inclined, I'd love for you to vote for Twilight's Kiss!!!
Here's the link,
Thank you!!!

Enchanted Beauty Review!

Enchanted Beauty hasn't been out for long, but already the reviews are coming in! This one is from Rose at Writers and Readers of Distinctive Fiction, who gave it a stays on shelf rating!!!
Here's a portion of what she had to say,
Enchanted Beauty by Marly Mathews has an entirely new twist on the oft-told tale of Beauty and the Beast. The sprightly twists of magic, a handsome and cursed wizard, an evil king and a wicked sorceress queen lend new and exciting plot elements which keep the reader on her/his toes. Using Annabelle as a naïve and untrained sorceress was an interesting play to the old story line, and Malachi and his possessive but sincere character as a partner added the sparks. For the two of them to make life work, they must find out the truth, not only about their monarchs, but about themselves as well. For Malachi, understanding what went down between his cousin and her deplorable lover was only half the battle. To have the strength to let Annabelle go to her father, the Evil King Roland, took a lot of love and trust on his part, and a lot of faith on Annabelle’s newly found love. Having two people so intrinsically different in background and putting them in such peril was an unexpected delight. As the characters worked through their issues of love, trust, anxiety of separation, and finally discovering the truth about themselves and those around them, they and their story encompass a totally unexpected depth. I found Enchanted Beauty to be a wonderful read, one that is interesting, compelling, well written, and delightfully innovative. For those who like faerie tale romances with a twist, Enchanted Beauty is the story for you. This is one I can highly recommend for your keeper shelf.

Reviewed by Rose
WRDF Review

Thank you, Rose for the fantastic review!