Monday, October 09, 2006

The Winners of my three contests are....

Okay, so on this past Friday between the hours of 8-10 pm I was over on the Coffe Time Romance Loop chatting with the great members there. I had so much fun! I was joined by several other Wild Rose Press was a blast!

I hosted three contests on Friday, one for my newly released short story, The Long Thin Veil, one for my full length book, Twilight's Kiss, and one for my upcoming Christmas Love Story The Promise.

The winners are:

Tehya Tala Mosi, wins a free copy of The Long Thin Veil!

I had two winners for this contest, since their names got stuck together when I drew them out of my magic bag! LOL I'm serious though, funny as it might seem. :)

The other lucky winner of a free copy of The Long Thin Veil is Pam Pellini!

Karen Gray is the lucky winner of a free 100 ml bottle of Violetta Di Parma body lotion. This fragrance was created for Napoleon's second wife, Marie, Duchess of Parma. :) She entered and won the contest for Twilight's Kiss!

Jenny is the lucky winner of a free Pink Sugar Cream Perfume. Pink Sugar is a new fragrance by the company of Aquolina, this scent will bring you back to the days of your childhood. Jenny entered and won the contest for The Promise!

Congrats to all of my contest winners, and thank you so much to all of the Coffee Time Romance members that entered my contests!



Tehya said...

Thank You Marly!!!!!!!! Wooo Hooo!!

< does the happy dance>

Pam P. said...

Thank you Marly! That's funny how the names got stuck together, but good for me, lol. Maybe Tehya brought me luck!

Congrats to everyone.

Look forwarding to read my first story by you Marly.

Marly Mathews said...

You're most welcome, Tehya! :)


Marly Mathews said...

Thanks, Pam! :) I'm also looking forward to you reading The Long Thin Veil...I can't wait to hear what you thought of it!