Monday, March 05, 2007

Review for I'll Be Yours from Romance Junkies!

Penniless duke, Mallory St. Martin, has been forced into piracy to save his family’s good name and financial standing in society. Having exhausted all other possible avenues, both legal and illegal, Mallory has finally decided to find a rich heiress to coerce into marriage. Disguised as the infamously renowned terror of the high seas, Captain Rafe Morgan, Mallory has targeted none other than the richest heiress in America as his matrimonial partner, Miss Elizabeth Caulfield. But Mallory has other reasons for choosing Elizabeth as his future wife, not the least of which is the love he’s carried for her through the years. Although she doesn’t remember him, he promises himself that she soon will.

After spending the last fourteen years of her life in England, Elizabeth has finally returned home to her father in Baltimore, Maryland. Almost as soon as she returns, she finds herself kidnapped by a towering, handsome “Adonis” of a man who seems all too familiar to her. En route back to England and still incapable of discerning his true identity, Elizabeth finds herself both captivated and held captive by the mysterious Captain Morgan. Unbeknownst to Elizabeth, however, is that while her situation as the kidnapped heiress soon to be forced into marriage is precarious at best, things can only go from bad to worse as her adventures soar to new extremes aboard a ship manned by pirates sailing perilous waters.

With our lead characters, Elizabeth and Mallory, sharing violent and fiery temperaments, it is hard to miss how the story advances forward on their perpetual waves of intense emotion. Elizabeth and Mallory tend to feed off of and base their reactions on how the other flies off the handle, and it’s that combination of being at incessant odds with one another and their obvious attraction that make this one amusing story.

As a reader, I’ve always enjoyed reading about the camaraderie among men. The Captain’s crew was no different. Fully aware of the Captain’s plans to kidnap and marry Elizabeth, the crew continued, almost in a blasé manner, manning the ship. Watching this set of headstrong and intelligent secondary characters sarcastically provoke one another had me outwardly chuckling at the relentless and witty repartee.

I’LL BE YOURS is a boisterously fun, riddled with serendipitous plot twists, swashbuckling adventure on the high seas. Marly Mathews has not disappointed with this entertaining read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chris

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Sara Freeze said...

Congratulations Marly! It's an excellent review!

Marly Mathews said...

Thanks so much, Sara!