Friday, May 04, 2007

Another Handsome Hero

The other day, I caught an airing of Sharpe's Gold on History Television and I was reminded of how much I liked the series back in the 90's. I've also looked it up and discovered that another Sharpe movie was made, Sharpe's Challenge and it it aired in late 2006. I'm hoping to catch it on a rerun. :)

Anyway, who can resist Sean Bean? He was great in the role of Sharpe, and equally stunning as Boromir in LOTR. He really can act!



Chris Peters said...

I love the Sharpe series! And Sean Bean was meant for that role - heart-thuddingly masculine, handsome, and yes...a good actor too. :)

We definitely think alike! LOL.

Marly Mathews said...

It's freaky isn't it? LOL We're so intune with each other...LOL


Unknown said...

Oh my, he's dreamy!

Marly Mathews said...

He is. LOL


Jenna Mayson said...

I don't know who he is - but he looks good to me.