Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cover art for Doorway to the Stars!

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Aries D'Halen is an Outlander from the far reaches of Space, Freya Kirkland is a defeated war-hero—together their passion will ignite a new hope for the future.
Read the blurb on my website,
  • Doorway to the Stars by Marly Mathews

  • I'm absolutely thrilled with the cover for my futuristic romance, Doorway to the Stars coming soon from New Concepts Publishing! I love it! The cover art is by Amber Moon! :)



    Unknown said...

    Beautiful cover, Marly!

    Good luck!

    Marly Mathews said...

    Thank you so much, Lee!


    Anonymous said...

    Gorgeous cover Marly. As you know I love 'futuristic'. Wishing you all the success in the Universe.


    Marly Mathews said...

    Thank you for the lovely comment, Lyn! Thank you so much! :)