Thursday, December 06, 2007

New Review for The Long Thin Veil-Five Hearts from TRS!

Woo-Hoo! I've just received news that The Long Thin Veil my miniature rose with The Wild Rose Press has been reviewed by The Romance Studio! It was given it's highest rating of FIVE HEARTS! I'm absolutely over the moon about this! Thank you, Linda L!
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The Long Thin Veil

Marly Mathews
Paranormal romance
Available from The Wild Rose Press
October 2006
As a witch, Megan Rose MacLeod knew when she asked for a favor years ago, one day the debt would have to be paid. Now all Hallows Eve has arrived, as well as her debt. During this time, the thin veil between realms will slip out of place and Megan¢s Aunt Rose feels with the evil spirits, she and Megan will need safety. Megan worries about the magical document that bears her signature from years passed, but her aunt believes all is superfluous. Tiernan Fairlove, King of faeries, believes Megan to be his lifelong chosen mate. He recalls their first visit and now he wishes payment from Megan for what she owes him. Forgetting any advice from her aunt, when darkness falls, Megan sets out to meet with Tiernan. He insists his love for her is genuine and knows she loves him. She may not be able to confess her true feelings but he knows the truth. When the veil of the worlds begins to lift, can Tiernan protect Megan and her family when they believe him a monster, but Megan knows otherwise?
The Long Thin Veil is a lovely tale spinning with adventure and fascinating characters. Megan exhibits strong traits that stand out in this read, emitting much courage through her ordeal. Tiernan is mellow and sweet, and this reader could feel the love his heart carries for Megan. Marly Mathews creates a smooth flowing read that grabs the audience and just carries them into the storyline. I love the interaction of Megan and Tiernan. Delightful and most satisfying, this is one stunning tale that captivates the reader and leaves a feel good feeling. I love stories that are hard to let go.

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Sensuality rating: Sweet

Reviewer: Linda L.
December 5, 2007

Link to the review at The Romance Studio,
  • The Long Thin Veil at TRS!

    Unknown said...

    Wow Marly, congrats! That's a great review from The Romance Studio. Five hearts...

    WTG, lady!

    Marly Mathews said...

    Thanks so much, Lee!


    Cara Carnes said...

    Wonderful review! Congrats!

    Marly Mathews said...

    Thanks so much, Cara! You're an angel. :)