Thursday, April 17, 2008

Which Irish Goddess Are You?

Which Irish Goddess Are You? (awesome pics)

You are Eriu, a goddess of sovereignty and the personification of Ireland! You, through a ritual as old as time, confirm and establish the kingship of your beloved country. Yay for you. If you arent Irish you wish you were.
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Anonymous said...

This was fun, Marly. I couldn't figure out how to copy the code, but I know how to copy text! LOL.
You are Brighid, the goddess of poetry, healing and craft (especially metal craft). Your name, meaning "bright arrow," serves as the inspiration to all bards, artisans, scholars and any who work with words. You see art and beauty in so many things that you emulate creativity.


Except for the 'metal craft' stuff, it works for me! :-)