Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Thursday!

I'm dashing in quickly to say I'm still alive. LOL Seriously, I've just finished one book, and now I'm off to finish the second book! I'm having a blast and I've even had to shift into different sub-genre gears as the book that I just finished was a straight historical set during the late regency, and now I'm writing a futuristic set in a very distant future.
I'll leave you all with this video from You Tube. :)



Anonymous said...

Marly, do you ever rest? LOL. How great that you can go from one book to the next. I so admire that. I need down time in between. Too much, methinks. ;-)


Marly Mathews said...


No, I never rest! LOL

Thanks for dropping by and giving me such a lovely compliment!
Now, back to work! ;)