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3 More Reviews, Dragon's Heart, Enchanted Beauty and SNOW!

We have snow and lots of it! Looking out the window this morning, I was shocked by the amount of snow that we've gotten for this time of the year. The power had been going on and off all night. Needless to say we've sort of bypassed what we had left of Autumn and forayed straight to an early winter. Sigh. This is really early for us even in my part of South Western Ontario. I guess the trick or treaters will be outfitted for snowy conditions this year unless the weather improves and it all melts by Friday night. I remember as a kid going all bundled up for Halloween. Some Halloween's were warmer and the warmer ones were better costume wise. LOL Some of our trees still have a good amount of leaves so hopefully, the white stuff will melt so we can get back to a what was left of Fall.
First off, Dragon's Heart was given a fantastic review by Justice over at Bitten by Books! Thank you, Justice!!! Here's what she had to say about her reading experience of Dragon's Heart.
Grania Burns has given girl power a new face to look up to. She is strong and independent, but her softer side shows through toward her family and her mate (Dylan).
I related most probably to Grania, like most adults we have to decide to live like our parents or by our own values, sometimes these moral values are in constant conflict and to do the right thing you have to go against family. Grania standing up against Draco (her father) and even most of her closest friends to save Earth, made me want to pass out Go Grania buttons.
The language was very British as expected. Most of the battles took place in Great Britain or in Dragonia, most of the characters were thousands of years old so I am glad Marly didn’t use American slang, it would have ruined it for me.
Dragons, witches, wizards, fairies and even a unicorn here and there, this story kept drawing me in, I would make a pact to myself just one more page then I have to stop, seven pages later I was re-compromising that pact again. The action is on going, the love scene dances in front of your eyes, and I adore how they find their mates for life, unfortunately not all unions turn out for the best. If there was to be a sequel I would definitely be the first in line.

PhotobucketPNR has reviewed Enchanted Beauty! Here's what the reviewer, Clover Autry had to say about it! Thank you so much, Clover!!!
"More than a simple fairy tale"

Enchanted Beauty begins like the familiar tale of Beauty and the Beast. Annabelle goes to the local lord's enchanted castle to free her father from indentured servitude and volunteers to take his place to secure his release. Though not a hairy beast, Malachi, the Lord of Markham and a powerful wizard, bears terrible scars across his face. From there the similarities with the fairy tale diminishes as the story evolves into a more complex and interesting tale.

Annabelle has a malady of her own. A spell gone wrong has left her nearly blind and slowly dying. What's more, she is connected to the enemy wizard who was responsible for causing Malachi's terrible scars. Enchanted Beauty plays up the beast tamed by beauty theme on multiple levels with a scared wizard who must find the beauty within himself, while at the same time the story flips that around with another physically sound, even handsome, wizard who has committed some truly atrocious acts—a beast inside—then further with a beautiful and compassionate Queen who isn't at all what she seems. Even the war they are embroiled in isn't what it seems. Annabelle's unique way of looking at people brings to the surface what is really beautiful and what is truly beastly. Unfortunately getting others to see it just might require her life.

Enchanted Beauty is an enjoyable tale with lots of unexpected twists and turns and layers, but at the very heart is the satisfying love story involving a beautiful woman with the ability to see beyond the outward ugliness of a man with a noble heart.

Reviewed by Clover Autrey

Kasey from Kasey's View has reviewed Dragon's Heart! Below you'll find what she had to say about it!

4 Stars.

A pleasure to read.
Dragons Heart is a sweet and tender love story about two people who find each other at a time when their world as they know it is being torn apart by a violent civil war. Grania a beautiful half/dragon half/human princess is sent to protect the wizard Dylan who's magical spell may hold the key to saving their world. And in the process finds herself unwillingly falling in love with the sometimes annoying but very sexy wizard...

This is a complex and interesting tale about a violent and at the same time very fascinating world. And is sure to appeal to anyone who enjoys stories of magic, wizards, shape shifters and a love to last a lifetime.

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