Friday, February 27, 2009

How To Tame A Rake by Maggi Andersen-Book Video!

Hey Everyone!
I've just finished creating the book video for Maggi Andersen's Victorian Historical, How To Tame A Rake! Please watch the video below!
Thank you!


Nita said...

Great video, Marly. Hey, I have been following the Romancing February bloggers. I believe you're supposed to post the next and last author to be visited. Deadline for our entries is midnight, so... many thanks.

Judy said...

I enjoyed your trailer for How To Tame A Rake. Loved the music and pictures. Book is going to be good.

Allison Presley said...

Beautiful trailer, Marly. Very nicely done.

Babyblue22 said...

The video was great Marly! Makes want to read the book. I was also wondering about the romancing february blog post also, Is there another post tomorrow? because the deadline for the entries is midnight tonight

Anonymous said...

I just read about the blogs, I missed all the others. This is a very nice trailer. I can't wait to read the story. Historical romance is my favorite genre.

Marly Mathews said...

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the comments on Maggi's book trailer.

Unfortunately, I've been down with the flu and I missed my blog post!
My apologies!