Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Trinity Key By Marly Mathews!

The Trinity Key has released at New Concepts Publishing! The Trinity Key is a futuristic inter-dimensional romance!

The Trinity Key By Marly Mathews
Available Now at New Concepts Publishing!

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She stole his heart. He gave her back the world she'd lost.

Natalie Martin is a psychic and a professional thief. She and her partner in crime jump from dimension to dimension in search of ancient artifacts with immeasurable power. Once in possession of these artifacts they jump back to their home dimension where their government sells the artifacts on the Intergalactic Black Market.

When a jump back home goes terribly awry, Natalie finds herself in a foreign dimension where nothing is what she expected, and where she finds that fate has given her a second chance with the love of her life, Tristan Wessex.

Now all they have to do is save Tristan's dimension from a madman empowered with The Elemental Box, an Ancient Celtic Box so powerful that it can give or take away life.


Elise Massad said...

I love these Covers Marley. When do you tink you'll have the purchase link up for The Trinity Key?

~ Elise

Marly Mathews said...

Hi Elise, you can buy The Trinity Key by going to or by visiting my author website and accessing it there.