Saturday, September 24, 2005

Ghost Whisperer

Yesterday I watched a new show called Ghost Whisperer starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. I was actually impressed by both the show and her acting abilities. She never used to be one of my favorites but her acting abilities have definitely grown. Anyone that is into the paranormal, and loves shows with heart, then this is a must see for you! I give it a ten. The characters were richly drawn and the interaction between them was superb. I also liked the little touch that they gave it when she sometimes doesn’t know if she’s seeing ghosts until they “see her” and notice that she can see them. Her assistant in her antique store also did a great job. It’s good to finally see a show that doesn’t drone on about the negative things in life even though some of the main players in the show are ghosts. And I hope they keep the great work up! Also, I liked the fact that they have her character, Melinda, already being in a faithful relationship with her husband. Nice touch. Now we hopefully won’t have to go through the whole angst of will they or won’t they? I hate it when shows do that, dangling the romantic relationship in front of you, until they ultimately put the characters with other people. I also like the fact that her husband is supportive and comforting. I really, really hope that they keep on getting better with each episode instead of taking that road of no return. Okay, that’s all for tonight.



Unknown said...

My husband watched this. He liked it. I missed it but it sounded like an ok show.

Marly Mathews said...


Your husband has good taste...but then you already know that. LOL