Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Long Thin Veil-A Review!

Here's a review posted by Diana Castilleja posted on her blog, The Review Nook..
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  • THE LONG THIN VEIL... Marly Mathews

    The Long Thin Veil is a sweet story of promises made and bargains kept. Megan MacLeod is a witch, just...not a very good one. She's made mistakes. She knows she's not the most powerful witch in her family, but when she has to beg a favor from the King of Faeries, she ends up with a bargain even she can't escape. She has no idea that the bargain would seal her forever to her fate, binding her for eternity with the King.

    Marly Mathews has put a sweet touch in this story, allowing an otherworldly trip on the night of All Hallow's Eve, with the beauty of the night and warmth of newly discovered feelings giving the reader a nice escape.

    Rating :: 4 ROSES

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    Book information :
    Publisher - The Wild Rose Press/2006
    Romance E-Book
    Length - Sweetheart Rose
    Heat - Sweet

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    and you can buy The Long Thin Veil by following this link, it is now on sale!

  • The Long Thin Veil by Marly Mathews

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