Saturday, December 09, 2006

Snow Angels!

Ava Carrolton has decided to make her own fate this holiday season. Tired of being alone and hoping to find love, she finally agrees to date the dashing and persistent owner of the department store where she works. Who wouldn’t enjoy spending time with a man who looks like a GQ model? But, she has one misgiving. She doesn’t feel The Spark with Mr. Debonair, so how is she to know if he’s The One?
When Ava literally bumps into Noah Shepard, every girl’s definition of The Boy Next Door, they form an unlikely friendship. As they bond, Noah seems to transform through Ava’s eyes. His thick frame glasses and shy stutters fade away, while a knight in shining armor emerges. Will Ava choose excitement and security with the handsome store owner, or a lifetime of making snow angels with a man who’s anything but ordinary?

Snow Angels, by my friend Ellen Peters was released yesterday. Sorry, Ellen, I think I had a brain freeze yesterday...I should have blogged about this like yesterday...:) So, here it is. I've already bought my copy, now it's your turn.

Go here to buy it!

  • The Wild Rose Press

  • ~Marly


    Ellen said...

    Marly! Thanks so much!

    I thought maybe I'd find more of your lovely pictures today -- it's nice, with all the snow, to see a bit of color (though the snow IS beautiful). :)

    Marly Mathews said...

    You're welcome, Ellen...

    Hmm...maybe I should set up a blog day just for Josephine Wall's art...



    Ellen said...

    That would be great! "Wall Wednesday" or something. :)

    Marly Mathews said...

    Yes, there's a good thought...:)