Friday, December 08, 2006

Winter Wonderland

I thought the above slideshow of Josephine Wall art was fitting for today, since I'm literally in a Winter Wonderland right now. Everything is covered in looks like a marshmallow explosion outside. The snow is almost covering the fence around our yard. Eye popping, I tell you.

Oh, and on another note, it seems my two Yorkie Girls have good taste...they too like Johnny Depp. How do I know? Shylah barked at me when I put Pirates on if to say, hey, play it! And, when he comes on the screen if she's in anothe room, she boots it just to see him...Funny. :) I guess you can say she has a bad case of puppy love...LOL



Ellen said...

LOL! Puppy love -- that's so cute! I have puppy love for that guy too.

Those Josephine Wall pictures are lovely.

Marly Mathews said...

Thanks, Ellen. LOL I have to say she really likes him...LOL

I'm glad you enjoyed the Josephine Wall art.

Congrats on the release of Snow Angels...I'm going to blog about it...:)


Scarlett Sanderson said...

Josephine has some wonderful art. :)

And LOL puppy love. I can hear the strains of Donnie Osmond as I type...;)