Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What Rose Are You?

What Rose Are You?

@;~ Yellow Rose @;~
A yellow rose is the symbol of hope.
As a yellow rose you want to be and feel optimistic.
~*~Wish~*~ You wish people wouldn't fuss so much over what's wrong and think more about what's good.
People Say ^_^ Things are so bad!
You Reply ^_~ But they could be so much worse!
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Here's another fun quiz for everyone on this cold Wednesday morning. Man, I'm not a fan of January.


1 comment:

Ellen said...

It HAS been cold! Argh!

Okay...I am a:

@;~ White Rose @;~
A white rose is the symbol of sympathy or care.
As a white rose you want to express yourself.
~*~Wish~*~ You wish you could make people forget their sorrows.
People Say ^_^ You don't understand!
You Reply ^_~ Maybe not, but I'm trying!