Wednesday, March 21, 2007

First Review for Twilight's Kiss from Coffee Time Romance!

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ISBN# 1-60154-007-8
January 2007
Wild Rose Press
280 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Sean Sutherland is a reluctant vampire living in Durness Village in Scotland. Victim of a centuries-old curse that changed him into a vampire, Sean eats rare steak and drinks vials of animal blood in order to survive without feeding on humans. His quiet life is disrupted when romance writer Bridget Sinclair arrives in Durness Village.

Bridget has a secret identity. She is a Huntress of Hell and a half-blood faerie with a lot of power and strength. Bridget was sent to Durness Village to act as its protector — a role that had been held by Sean. When they meet, the attraction is apparent. But can a Huntress of Hell and a vampire overcome their differences and fall in love?

An entertaining cast of supporting characters helps to round out the story. Sean’s niece Grace Sutherland is a tough sidekick for Bridget who saves the day on more than one occasion with her bravery and quick thinking. Father Clancy, the parish priest for over forty years, shares Sean’s secret and provides him with spiritual guidance. A friendship between a priest and a vampire may seem unusual, especially considering the typical vampire’s aversion to religious symbols, but Matthews makes it work.

Unlike some vampire romances, the emphasis here is on the good vampire and his positive qualities rather than on the bad guys. Sure, there are plenty of evil vampires to be defeated, but the battles are minor and not particularly violent. The love scenes are also mild, and although Sean and Bridget become intimate, the action happens behind closed doors. Readers looking for a romantic vampire tale without gore and gratuitous violence will appreciate Twilight’s Kiss. It is a sweet faerie-meets-vampire tale for anyone who enjoys dark, brooding heroes and the butt-kicking women who reluctantly fall for them.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

Special thanks to Maya for the lovely review! The print release date for Twilight's Kiss is quickly approaching! You can get your paperback copy of Twilight's Kiss on April 13, from, .ca and other major booksellers! You can read the review at Coffee Time by following this link,

Twilight's Kiss reviewed at Coffee Time Romance!



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