Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Lady Knight of Avalon

I've recently signed a contract with The Wild Rose Press for my full length Arthurian Time Travel romance, My Lady Knight of Avalon. The blurb is below and the cover is coming soon!
Like Twilight's Kiss, it will be released under the faery rose line! :)


My Lady Knight Of Avalon
By Marly Mathews
Faery Rose

She was King Arthur’s daughter. Once known as Princess Mary Pendragon, fifteen hundred year old immortal warrior witch, Molly Pendleton is on a quest to stop time from unraveling into a dark and terrible future. With Merlin’s help she will time travel back to the golden age of Camelot and come face to face with someone from her future.
He was the grandchild of her best friend. Collin Remington never dreamt that magic flowed through his veins or that he would become a knight of King Arthur’s court.
With evil quickly taking the upper hand in King Arthur’s realm, Molly and Collin must fight against time itself. Will their love be enough to save the future?

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