Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Review for Twilight's Kiss from Two Lips Reviews

Yesterday, I received a fantastic review from Frost at Two Lips Reviews, for Twilight's Kiss. It was given the highest rating of FIVE LIPS! Here's a snippet of the review and I'll include the link so you could read the full review at Two Lips Reviews!

Twilight's Kiss is a delightful and satisfying paranormal romance with intriguing and unexpected veins of paranormal elements woven in. Deep in rich descriptive background, the novel entices and enthralls its readers. The characters are fully delineated, even to many of the secondary ones. A strong-willed and independent heroine matched against a long-lived and determined hero with deep, dark secrets and vulnerabilities make for a tale to satisfy the tastes of most any reader. Kudos to author Marly Mathews for an excellent read which earns its place on the Keeper Shelf.

Frost, from Two Lips Reviews

The last line really put a smile on my lips. :) If you want to read the full review follow this link,
  • Twilight's Kiss at Two Lips Reviews!

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