Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Two More Days Until Do Or Die Releases!!!

PhotobucketHey Everyone!
I'm excited to announce that Do Or Die will be available in ebook format from The Wild Rose Press in just two days!!! I had such a blast writing Do Or Die as it is non stop action from beginning to end. If you like adventure stories with a big dash of romance this one will cater to your tastes. It's also a futuristic so if you're a fan of Sci-Fi Do Or Die will also be right up your alley. I hope it appeals to a wide range of readers for various reasons. 

If you recognize the heroine's name, Shylah, you might be remembering it from reading my author bio. Our one Yorkshire Terrier was named for the Shylah in Do or Die, and I think her spunky tenacious attitude mirrors the Shylah McKay in Do Or Die to a pretty perfect 'T'. 

Do Or Die will be available in Paperback on October 10, 2008 from Amazon and B&N!!!! The awesome cover was designed by Rae Monet! Thank you again, Rae!
Here's the blurb:
Do Or Die By Marly Mathews
Futuristic Paranormal Romance  
The world has changed. Ten years ago, Earth nearly crumbled beneath the might of an intergalactic War. Their Enemy fought them with their destructive psychokinetic powers. Only a band of extraordinary humans stood in their path. They were known as the Gemini Order. Led by Shylah McKay, they saved Earth from ruination.

Now, Shylah McKay and her kind are being persecuted for the very talents that saved Earth. But Shylah's a mover and a shaker, and with her lover Grayson by her side, she'll go to the ends of the Earth and beyond to fight for her people.

Here's an excerpt from Do Or Die to give you a sneak peek!

Grayson stared at the woman. Didn’t she know
who he was? What he was?
The woman intrigued him. Sparks had flown
between them. She was definitely special—she
looked at him as if he were her savior.
He had to help her. He knew that in an instant.
His eyes locked on hers again. He was in love.
One look—that was it. He glanced at the insignia on
her yellow uniform. She was part of the much-
revered Gemini Order. She had to be one hell of a
powerful woman.
He knelt beside her. For some reason he could
touch her...he didn’t understand that. They had to
be bonded in some way. It could only be a
supernatural bond.
“I’m going to touch you again, Captain.”
“Call me, Shylah. Just, Shylah.”
His heartbeat quickened. Her voice was heaven.
Willing all of his energy to him, he leaned down and
gathered her in his arms. He stood up, cradling her
against his chest.
“Shylah.” Her name rolled off his tongue like
music. His voice was a caress and she relaxed.
“Take me, here.” She pressed her hand against
his chest, and a sudden image entered his mind.
She was a telepath.
He’d known the members of The Gemini Order
were skilled, but not all were telepaths.
He nodded his head. “Your wish is my
command.” He took to the sky. It was a miracle he
had found her. She could be his salvation.
“I feel as if we’ve met before.” She tilted her
head toward him, and he drank in the beauty of her
stunning eyes. They seemed to engulf her entire
face. “You feel familiar.” He sighed. He would never
get enough of listening to her voice.

Available September 12, 2008 from The Wild Rose Press!


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