Monday, September 22, 2008

Five Heart Review for Enchanted Beauty at TRS!!!

And the great reviews for Enchanted Beauty keep rolling in. I'm so happy that this story has struck a chord with readers and reviewers! It was a great deal of fun to write as I've always loved the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, and twisting it to put my own stamp on it in Enchanted Beauty was a great writing experience!!!

Here's what Margo at The Romance Studio had to say about Enchanted Beauty,
I have always love reading as a child the story of Beauty and the Beast. In Enchanted Beauty, Ms. Mathews introduces us to Annabelle, a brave, and compassionate woman, who struggled with the knowledge that she could die if no cure was found for the spell that had injured her, causing blindness and a the hastening of her last days on earth. Filled with betrayal and unending action, you will find Enchanted Beauty to be one of Ms. Mathews' truly loving stories to remember.

You can read the full FIVE Heart review by following this link,

Thank you so much, Margo!!!
I'm working on the book trailer for Enchanted Beauty right now, so wish me luck in getting it done over the next day or so. I'm also in deep writing mode, so I'm breaking up my time between two projects. Yes, I'm the multi tasking Queen!!!

Have a great Monday, everyone!!



Anonymous said...

Five star review!!! Jumping for joy and snoopy dancing for you, Marly! Super congrats!

And good luck with your new trailer. I'm anxious to see it.


Marly Mathews said...

Thanks so much, Debbie!!

I should be posting the trailer for Enchanted Beauty here on my blog in the next day or so. ;)