Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another review...

Dragon's Heart was reviewed by Kathy from Kathy's Review Corner! 
Here's a tidbit of her review,Dragon's Heart was another fascinating paranormal teeming with interesting characters, unique cultures, villains, heroes, and ultimately love. I enjoyed the banter and romance between the hero and heroine. There are also several characters who I would like to see have future stories. And although I thought the beginning had a bit of information overload, I truly enjoyed this story. I am eager to find out where this author will take her readers next.

Kathy Andrico -
Thank you, Kathy!

In other news, I've recently finished off another book, and I'm working on two projects now plus doing edits for a third. 
The weather is going crazy here, we've had rain, snow and rain again all in one day. But then, the weather conditions across North America seem to be going nuts this weekend. 
I'm off to work on some more writing! 
Have a happy Sunday, everyone! 


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