Saturday, November 01, 2008

Haunted Blog Winners!

Hey Everyone,

Because it was Halloween yesterday, and it went fairly smoothly, LOL I'm thinking I'll give out three prizes today. Nothing like using the lucky number three. It is charmed after all. ;)
Winners please contact me at this email address marly AT marlymathews DOT com to collect your prize. Please contact me by November 8th.

Here's the list of winners!

1. Kimberley, winner of an ebook copy of Enchanted Beauty
2. Patti, winner of an ebook copy of Enchanted Beauty
3. Lindseye, winner of an ebook copy of Do Or Die

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving me comments!

And to start your day off right, here's a great video from You Tube featuring Jensen Ackles from Supernatural,

Now that's inspiration. ;)



Patti said...

LOL, that video is funny! I just wish it was more.

Thanks Marly for the contest!

Oh, and on the subject of ghosts and such, have you ever read Donna Fletcher's Whispers on the Wind? I loved loved that book when I read it years ago, but unfortunately it was the only one she wrote (that I am aware of) with a ghost for a hero. It's also out of print though my copy is somewhere among my massive pile of books.

Marly Mathews said...


I, too, wished it had been longer. ;) Glad you enjoyed it.

I've never read Whispers on the Wind. It does sound fascinating!