Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Well, I’m a little ticked right now. Actually, it’s been bugging me since I heard the news a couple months ago, but now I just have to say something. And since I have a blog, I figure this is a good place to start speaking.
I must admit I really, really like the show Stargate SG-1 and its spin off series, Stargate Atlantis. My commentary for this blog will be on the new season of Stargate Atlantis. I have to say, I’m already disappointed even though no new episodes have aired. It’s that hit your head against your desk kind of disappointed, if anyone that’s reading this can relate to that. Anyway, this post pertains to the character of Aiden Ford, and his portrayer Rainbow Sun Francks. Anyone that is a fan of Stargate Atlantis probably already knows that Rainbow’s character has been written off the show as a regular cast member. This information made me shake my head when I first heard it. I mean, his character did enhance the show, and in my opinion he was a vital member of the Stargate Atlantis team. I will miss his presence on the show. A LOT. What can I say? I liked his character. And Rainbow’s smile does light up the screen. :) He heated up my cold nights, I’ll tell you.
To make matters worse, I’ve just seen photos of the “new” Stargate Atlantis Team. Let’s just say I was not impressed. Of course, my other favorite characters will still be on the show, but from what I’ve seen of the photos the dynamic of the show has changed, and in my opinion it hasn’t changed for the better.
It may just be my own perception of the new character Ronon Dex, but he gives me the creeps. Really. Made me shudder just to look at him. Now the actor may not be creepy once all that hair is removed, and he breaks character. I understand that the man is an actor, and this is his way of making a living. But the glint he’s putting in his eye, still spooks me. Let’s just say I don’t find that attractive in men. You can see the photos I'm talking about by following this link:
  • Gateworld
  • Now, some people may rave over his character, and some women might think that he’s hot. But I’m not one of those women. All I can say is this to the TPTB at Stargate Atlantis. BRING RAINBOW BACK!!!
    Okay, well, that’s off my chest now. I can be rather long winded when I’m worked up.
    On another note, the repairman came by yesterday and fixed the washing machine. So, that’s the end of that little drama. Now, I have to do laundry. Happy days are here again.
    This just in: I've updated my website to include the excerpt for my romantic futuristic, Do Or Die!!! So check it out, when you can!
    I’m off to the wonderful world of writing.

    Sprinkling a little faerie dust your way,

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