Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Rosemary And Thyme

In this installment of my blog I will be talking about one of my new favorite shows. It’s a British series, and for my American friends I will include the url to their website just in case they don’t get the show in their area. I’m a big fan of British TV, and this series in my opinion is one of their best exports. It’s a murder mystery show that I guess could be dubbed a cozy mystery, with a dash of comedy relief. The writing is superb, and the locales they use are simply stunning. The English gardens and estate grounds that they show are beautiful and really enhance the show. I also enjoy the research on the different facts of gardening that they include in each program.
The rapport between the shows two main characters is also a joy to watch. I know I mentioned Harry Potter’s Aunt Marge in yesterday’s blog, and this blog actually ties into my previous blog. What is the link you might ask? Well, I’m getting to it. I have to say that while I find the character of Aunt Marge unbecoming, the actress playing the part is very gifted. If you check out the Rosemary and Thyme website you’ll see Pam Ferris who portrays Aunt Marge in Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban in the role of Laura Thyme. Her talent astounds me. Pam Ferris was also in the new Miss Marple movie Marple: 450 From Paddington, in which she portrayed Elspeth McGillicuddy. Her range of talent still amazes me. Felicity Kendal plays Rosemary Boxer, she’s a delight to watch as well. They create a gardening super sleuth duo. No matter what they always get to the bottom of the murder mystery. Sufficed to say, I highly recommend this show. Here's the url:
  • Rosemary&Thyme

  • The writing went well today, but no new news unfortunately. My website is still in the updating process and I’ll be glad when the html faeries finally finish it. Oh, how I wish! Unfortunately, the html faeries only exist in my imagination. I’m a one-woman show, when it comes to updating my website. Sad isn’t it? LOL
    Tonight, I’ll be at a chat featuring Marjorie M. Liu as one of the participants. It’s at 9 pm Eastern and if you’re interested in attending you can find out more by visiting her journal.
    Anyway, I must get back to my writing.

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    Anonymous said...

    do you know when rosemary and thyme
    season 3 comes out in dvd in the us?? i ckd with amazon and they dont know and its out in the uk and
    i asked them and they dont know either...