Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Stargate Atlantis is Back!

Season Three of Stargate Atlantis is finally airing up here in Canada on The Movie Network...we had to wait for the new episodes...but at least they're commercial free. :) After months of waiting I was finally able to see the continuation to the cliffhanger season finale of Season Two...only to have No Man's Land end with yes, you guessed it...TO BE CONTINUED. Oh, well, at least the wait is only one week...as opposed to nine months. :)

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    Anonymous said...

    Wow watching Stargate commercial free must be pretty cool. It is worth the wait though. Hey did you know that the actress that played Rodneys sister on last weeks episode is his real life sister as well? I wrote about this on my blog at:

    Marly Mathews said...

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Jordan! I actually had heard that the actress playing Rodney's sister on Stargate Atlantis was his real life sister as well...it is pretty cool! I can't wait to see that episode. :)