Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sweeter Romantic Notions

I will be chatting at an event at Sweeter Romantic Notions on this coming Saturday, September 30. About 14 authors from The Wild Rose Press will also be there...the day is broken up into 2 hour sessions, for each author...or authors depending on how many are in one time slot. So, clear your schedules...my time slot is from 8 pm EST to 10 pm EST...you'll find the link to the Sweeter Romantic Notions yahoo group in this posting. All communication during the event will be through the yahoo group, through loop mail.

Hope to see you there!

  • Sweeter Romantic Notions

  • Oh, and on another note...the Season Premiere of Gilmore Girls is on tonight...WOO HOO. I can't wait. :)


    Carol Ann said...

    Looking forward to the Sweeter Romantic Notions event!

    Stacy Dawn said...

    AHHHHH! I didn't know! I just ran for the remote and threw it on the TV.

    I'll see you Saturday!

    Marly Mathews said...

    Carol Ann,

    I'm looking forward to it too...it's going to be a blast. :)


    I knew my little tidbit about Gilmore Girls would remind someone. The episode tonight was actually pretty good...it looks as if moving to the CW and losing some of it's mainstay writers hasn't spoiled the show. :)