Sunday, September 03, 2006

Wild Rose Press Cyber Party Celebration!

Yes, that's right...The Wild Rose Press will be holding its Cyber Party Celebration one week from now! So, mark those calendars and get ready for three hours of chatting fun! Reserve Sunday, September 10 from 8pm until 11 pm EST for some great fun! Come on out and get your questions ready for some of the authors and editors of The Wild Rose Press.

Follow this link for more details,

  • Cyber Party

  • Here are a few sample covers of the latest releases you'll find at The Wild Rose Press.



    Lora Darling said...

    Great idea with the covers and I squealed when I saw mine :)

    Unknown said...

    Marly, I love what you've done with the covers!

    We're going to have a blast at the WRP cyber party. Can't wait!


    Stacy Dawn said...

    Cool loop!

    Can't wait for the party!!!!

    Marly Mathews said...


    I'm glad you liked have a great cover, btw. :) And, your story sounds fascinating. :)


    I've tried to feature as many Wild Rose Press covers that I can find and download...yours is in a previous blog entry loop with mine and a few of the others...:)


    Good to see your smiling face!