Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Yorkie Show and Tell

As many of you know...I have two Yorkies that are full blooded sisters from the same litter. They can be a handful sometimes, but they are a joy. They have a sisterly bond that is so fun to watch. Shylah is the older sister...but she's a bit smaller than Brynna. It's amazing watching them communicate with each other and show each other how to do 'new' things. Brynna has the eyes of an angel...and Shylah does too...though she has an impish glint in hers from time to time. LOL

Well, a few days ago, Shylah was getting her hair brushed...I say hair because Yorkies have fur that feels just like human hair. It's great for people like me...people with severe allergies. Anyway, Shylah was enjoying her brush on one of our kitchen chairs...I of course was holding her with my one hand, and she never bolts, she just usually lies there and soaks up the attention. Well, Shylah has a very curious nature, she decided that she would try to stick her head through the rails in our wood chair. She has a very small head, so she was able to get her head through the slots quite easily, then...she decided to slide her head up...the slot narrows as you go up the chair...and yes, if you're thinking she got her head would be right.

While this is happening, and I'm holding her head trying to get her to slide her head back down without hurting her...Brynna is sitting on the floor at my feet looking up at what the hell are you doing? Didn't you know you'd get your head stuck. I was easily able to get Shylah's head unstuck none the worse for wear, though Shylah did have a minute of panic...Brynna asked to get up for her brush...and as soon as she was up on the chair, she made sure Shylah was watching her--she gave her a look like watch me...and she SHOWED Shylah how to slip her head through the slot, slide her head up...and then slide her head back down and out. Then, she grinned at Shylah. Brynna was quite pleased with herself...and since then, Shylah hasn't gotten her head stuck...Brynna's lesson worked. :)



Lora Darling said...

Soo cute!!! My sister has a little Yorkie girl. So full of energy and ready to play!!

Stacy Dawn said...

Now how cute are they!!

Anonymous said...

How cute--and smart!

Marly Mathews said...


You are so right, Yorkies are full of energy...Shylah would play day and night if she could. :)




They are super cute and super smart...the antics the two of them can get up to...oh, boy! There's never a dull moment when you have two Yorkies. LOL