Saturday, September 30, 2006


Well, the event over at Sweeter Romantic Notions hit a bump in the road. It will be rescheduled for the first part of December. Yahoo is hoarding messages...and in my case, they seem to be losing my messages. So, for all of you that might have received my post about the two contests I was going to'll have to take a raincheck for the first part of December. And, hey, at least we'll have Christmas to talk about then...and I'll be able to talk about my short Christmas Love Story, THE PROMISE. Maybe I'll even be able to have an extra contest or two. We must find our silver lining in this....:)

I also have to send out a big thanks to Lisa Dawn for all of the hard work she puts into planning the events for The Wild Rose Press. A thanks also goes out to the people at The Sweeter Romantic Notions Yahoo Group, for inviting us back for the early part of December. :)

Okay, everyone have a good night!



Unknown said...

I lost some messages too. They bounced back from "mailer-daemon".
Hope the chat in December goes smoother. I was impressed with how everyone did what they could despite the circumstances. Will look forward to the next one and hope for yahoo to cooperate much better.

Marly Mathews said...


Well, you fared better than I did with yahoo, Lee. Oh, well, I have high hopes for the event in December, I'm just hoping yahoo gives us a smooth ride. :)