Monday, September 25, 2006

What is Your Life Path Number?

Your Life Path Number is 3

Your purpose in life is to express your unique self.

You are a creative and artistic person with an interesting view on life.
Witty and outgoing, you enjoy sharing your crazy ideas with anyone who will listen.
A total social butterfly, you're the life of any party.

In love, you inspire and enchant your partner. You are often an object of fantasy and desire.

While you are very talented, you sometimes lack the ambition to put your talents in play.
And while your wit carries you a long way, you occasionally use it to mask your true feelings.
Your natural abilities can bring you all the success in the world ... if you let them

I thought this was an interesting quiz... :) The number three does pop up in my life quite frequently, not to mention the fact that I'm the third child...hmm...I guess I just live a 'charmed' life. LOL

Okay blog readers, now it's your turn!



Kelley Nyrae said...

I'm a 1. Not sure I like what it says. The determination part is goood but I'm not so sure about the rest.

It was fun though. I like checkin stuff like this out.

Lora Darling said...

I'm number 11...

"Your purpose in life is to inspire others

Your amazing energy draws people to you, and you give them great insight in return.
You hold a great amount of power over others, without even trying.
You have the makings of an inventor, artist, religious leader, or prophet.

In love, you are sensitive and passionate. You connect with your partner on a very deep level.

You have great abilities, but you are often way too critical of yourself.
You don't fit in - and instead of celebrating your differences, you dwell on them.
You have high expectations of yourself. But sometimes you set them too high and don't achieve anything. "

wow, that's nearly me to a tee!
Very cool, Marley :)

Marly Mathews said...

Oh, I'm sorry you didn't like what it said, Kelley...:( It's good that you had fun though...:)


Marly Mathews said...


That's great, Laura! Sounds like you had a wonderful time taking the quiz! These are the best kinds of quizzes! :)